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The Core Alignment - Nlp Training And Certification, Life Coaching Services, Best Nlp Courses, Corporate Trainings, Counselling, meditation, detox
The most in demand thing for relaxation and and the most commonly misperceived word and technique.

Meditation is not just about  physically sitting in a posture eyes closed.
It's more about working in rather than working out. It's more about the inner state than the outer state. I

Human mind is like a monkey which jumps from one branch of thoughts to other. In this fast moving life where we all are running behind something its very important to have a calm and relaxed mind.

Also it's not that easy for one to gain such state. 
Thus we come up with different meditation techniques to calm the mind. This will help you to function productively in your life - at work, home, with friends, in relations, taking decisions etc. It gives you a sense of ability to handle any life situation. It  transforms you from mindful to mindfullness.