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The Core Alignment is a Yoga and NLP Training and Consulting company providing various life style Management solutions to enhance the quality of life. Our vision is to provide real yoga from the ancient tradition which consists of Yogasana, pranayama, kriya and meditation therapeutic session, Core Behavioural Training Programs, Counselling, Life Management Skills and Unique personal Growth Solutions for Individuals and Corporates. We provide various Yoga therapy trainings, Stress free living Workshops, NLP Trainings, Wellness Solutions that will lead you towards your own Core Alignment which subsequently leads to complete Well-being.


Our Mission

  • To educate and empower people to unleash their true potential, health, success, abundance and happiness to their life.
  • To facilitate people to create the life they want by taking charge of their own life.
  • To facilitate people to connect with their own Source Energy and manifest the life they want.

Our Vision

  • To help people to believe in themselves and that everything is possible.
  • To unleash their true potential.
  • To help people to create a balance in all aspects of their life.
  • To help people to manage well their Physical, emotional, psychological, financial, energy aspect of their life.

Yoga Therapy Session

Yoga therapy based on the Pancha- Kosha model, towards holistic way of living life, Life style management solutions as per Yogic way.
Yoga training and Certification provider.
Yoga trainer provider for home and corporate training in India and Abroad.
Yoga Therapy for various ailments:
  1. Yoga therapy for Arthritis.
  2. Yoga therapy for Diabetes.
  3. Yoga therapy for Obesity.
  4. Yoga therapy for Backaches.
  5. Yoga therapy for Neurological Disorders.
  6. Yoga therapy for Cancer.
  7. Yoga therapy for pre & post natal.
  8. Yoga therapy for PCOD.
  9. Yoga therapy and kriya for detox.
  10. Yoga therapy for psychological disorders.
  11. Yoga therapy for positive health and fitness.

We're here to help you reach your goal of coaching people to reach their full potential.

We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market