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Our Vision

To unleash your true potential.

Why choose Us?

Core alignment is committed to help people to unleash their true potential to lead a healthy happy and successful life.

Our Mission

To facilitate people to connect with their own Source Energy and manifest the life they want.


Anupama Mishra in Yoga therapy and NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, also having corporate experience of 8 plus years in Banking Sector. While being in corporate, felt a need for building up confidence, work life balance and self – development. Also while leading a team, she felt the need for employee motivation, strong self-management skills, being calm and patient, efficient, adaptive and flexible. And most importantly health care. To cope up with the same she initially started with NLP and its techniques on herself. Also, showed keen interest in one of the most traditional techniques to cope up with physical and mental health. She is now a NLP & YOGA Coach. She has connected the knowledge of Yoga and NLP in today’s era to achieve health, abundance and happiness in the life.

She is a trained Yoga professional excellence, a movie buff, an avid reader and explorer. She strongly believes in the human capacity for growth and loves helping people through their roadblocks and challenges. Anupama has committed herself to lead people towards their personal and profs excellence with a holistic approach of wellness including financial, physical, emotional. mental and spiritual that impact all aspects of one’s life.

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Yoga for All | NLP for All | Stress free Living | Freedom from Negative Emotions | Change your belief, change your life | Confidence Booster | Holistic Weight Management | Chakra Healing | Panch Kosha Healing | Manifestation Miracle | Heal your inner child ( In-person only)


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